Welcome to our May Blog!

The onset of spring this year has been particularly late. We have had interest from the local community to set up a moth trap in the grounds, so this will be happening when the weather improves. Moths need warm nights to take to the wing, something that’s not happened yet. Several of our bird boxes have ‘residents’, mainly blue and great tits, and spotted flycatchers should be with us soon.     


The 3 bird feeders are now in place around the grounds and are a great success. Our Gardener Matt has kindly stepped forward and is topping the feeders as needed.         

All the trees we planted seem to be doing well, with new leaves appearing. At Court Farm one of the plans is that we will be developing a new pond, which will attract many more species than we have at present.

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Frank Martin

Here’s what Justin Cole, Head Gardener, has to say:

We have had a fine tulip display in the parterre, and from the grower’s perspective the showers have been very welcome indeed. The gardens are about to take on their summer show, with all the broadleaf trees opening their buds.

In the borders the iris, forget me nots, camesias and wisterias are all in bloom, with colours from blue to mauve; also the azaleas with their brightly coloured flowers in oranges and yellows and a delightful fragrance. Hydrangea petiolaris is growing on the pinetum wall flowering with its white lace cap blooms, and the naturalised bluebells are also putting on a show. We may think that we are nurturing our garden, but of course it’s our garden that is really nurturing us.