Welcome to our Blog!

Our Blog gives us the opportunity to shine a well-deserved light on the beautiful gardens at Nynehead Court. We have such a diversity of wonderful trees and plants in the garden, and amazing natural wildlife living on our doorstep.

The changing seasons offer so many highlights that we will share with you in the months ahead. Justin and his grounds team will be our main ‘eyes and ears’, and I will update you on other developments.

Our first project of 2021 is to install approximately 50 new nest boxes, made from locally sourced oak, around the grounds. The bird boxes were kindly made for Nynehead Court by Mark Butterfield, next-door neighbour of Directors Alyson and Frank Martin, and his family. They are suitable for a variety of bird species, and there will be a map of their positions as well as information on areas where wildlife can be seen. Nynehead Court residents and Mews owners will be able to adopt a nest box and keep an eye on its occupants, and we will be monitoring all areas around Nynehead Court and Court Farm for all species living in or visiting the gardens.

Frank Martin

Here’s what Justin Cole, Head Gardener, has to say:

With the “Beast from the East II” now gone, we are starting to get glimpses of spring drawing closer by the day. When the sun shines and bird calls tell you the birds are preparing for the coming season, it gives such a sense of hope.

The early wild daffodils and cultivated varieties such as “February Gold” are beginning to open; and the sea of white snowdrops gradually gives way to a “cloth of gold” carpeting the grounds.

Snowdrops at Nynehead Court