With World Leaders currently discussing Climate Change at COP26 in Glasgow, here in Wellington Nynehead Court is making its own contribution to saving the planet.

During the year a number of new native trees have been planted to replace some invasive non-native and self-seeded species. Now a further 60 trees have been ordered, which will arrive next month.

The trees, which are are intended for Court Farm, are arriving in December and planting will begin during the Christmas and New Year period. There are a variety of species including Oak , Birch,  and Mountain Ash, all of which will encourage wildlife to the area. The trees are part of ongoing work to preserve the beauty and ecology of the Nynehead Court Estate, which has also included erecting over 40 bird nesting boxes to attract different species of birds.

This effort has also created new employment in the area, with the introduction of a new gardener to the team. Joining Nynehead Court in the summer through the Government’s Kick-Start scheme, he has now been offered a full-time position. Not only this, but Nynehead Court is funding his college course, which will enable him to gain an RHS qualification in Practical Horticulture. 

Frank Martin, Director of Ecology and Sustainability at Nynehead Court, said, “Nynehead Court is keen to play its part in preserving the planet for future generations, and with an 18-acre estate we have plenty of room to do so. The additional trees are just the beginning of our plans to turn the Nynehead Court Estate into a real centre of ecological interest. We are delighted that our plans have also enabled us to provide not only employment but a real career to another local person.”